Water. Warm, soothing, caressing water. Water which sustains us and soothes us and which man has sought out since time began. Water comforts and relaxes us and washes away the everyday strains of a fast paced life.

The perfect solution for your bathroom plans. Hi-Tech Acrylic Products is North America's premier manufacturer of acrylic bathtubs, whirlpool and shower bases.

Hi-Tech Acrylic Products bathtubs, shower bases, and whirlpool have been tested and proven in hundreds of thousands of homes, hotels, motels, apartment buildings and hospitals across North America. Our custom molding process assures a perfect fit every time with a well-experienced engineering team, R&D experts and advanced mold & parts manufacturing center. We are able to transform our customers' innovative designs and specifications into products of superior quality what will meet the market needs.

Our quality, high-gloss acrylic tubs and showers are luxurious and extremely easy to keep clean.

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